Notice CP71A-D

The IRS uses Notices CP71A-D to remind you of taxes owed. CP71C is most commonly used but CP71A & CP71D are used as well. (See examples below) Your situation is not yet urgent but should be corrected immediately. Letter 3228 is very similar in effect as the various Notices CP71.

You have likely already received Notices of Intent to Levy (CP504, CP90, Letter 1058) so the IRS could seize at any time. However, this CP71C reminder is not an active indication that enforced collection against you is imminent and we have time to bolster a good case for you. Waiting until the IRS seizes your property makes the case more difficult.

Eventually, you’ll have to decide what action to take to control this debt. Whatever action you take will likely require you to complete a Form 433-A to disclose your income & assets. Take our webinar to learn the tricks & traps of completing this form.

But, in some ways the passage of time may actually work in your favor. Once the statute of limitations has run its course, your options for escaping the tax burden expands. In one consultation, TaxHelpLaw can determine the limitations period & assessment issues and devise the most sure method of winning your case.

Please follow the Prep Steps for the answers about IRS Notice CP71C and see Mr. Hopkins in Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Denver before proceeding!

Notice CP71C: - What does IRS Notice CP71 look like? Understanding your CP71C Notice: What you need to do: Answers to Common Questions: Am I charged interest on the money I owe the IRS?  What happens if I cannot pay the full amount I owe the IRS? How can I set up a payment plan with the IRS? Colorado Tax Lawyer J David Hopkins shows taxpayers how to respond to IRS collection notices, such as Notice CP71 C. Call TaxHelpLaw at 303 829 4357, 719 250 0729 or 719 232 2587!!

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Notice CP71A:

Colorado Springs Tax Lawyer J. David Hopkins shows IRS Notice CP71A & how to respond

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Notice CP71D:

Colorado Springs Attorney shows how you should respond to IRS Notice CP71D.

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Notice CP71:

IRS Notice CP71, reminding you of taxes due

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